Mother Goose

Mother Goose Co-operative Preschool is a non-profit organization that has been active in the community of southwest Hamilton for over 40 years.

More than a school, our co-op is a community of parents joining together to support and encourage our children as they grow and develop. Mother Goose is a great transitional step for children to help them prepare for full time schooling.

OUr Teachers

Jane Walker - RECE Teacher & Supervisor

Our supervising teacher at Mother Goose is Jane Walker (known to students and parents alike as ‘Ms. Jane’). She holds an Honours Degree in Early Childhood Education and Social Work.  Ms. Jane has acquired extensive childcare experience with over 25 years in a child advocate role, including several years of supervisory experience in childcare centres, including Mother Goose since 2005.  She brings a kind and gentle presence to the preschool and is committed to partnering with parents and children to make their experience the best it can be. 

Ms. Jane says she absolutely loves her job. “The children are a joy to be around and together we challenge each other. The parents have proven to be a massive resource and their dedication to the program is inspiring. The whole Mother Goose community is geared to “family” and is rich in history. I am proud to be part of such a caring preschool.”

Thoughts on the classroom and early learning:  "I am inspired by a Reggio Emilia approach to the whole learning process and as such see the classroom environment, observation, pedilogical documentation, joyful expression, and nature provocations as a large part of  the process.  My goals for the children are less academic in nature ( I view academics for this age group best discovered through free PLAY, and there will be plenty of this!), and lean more towards demonstrating / encouraging empathy, tolerance, love, compassion,  co-operation, and honesty towards peers."


Sarah Willson - RECE,  RT Teacher

In 2017, we welcomed Ms. Sarah to the Mother Goose family as a teacher. Ms. Sarah has actually been part of the Mother Goose family for many years; she attended the pre-school herself oh so many years ago, sent her children here, and has worked as a supporting Resource Teacher in the classroom for the past 10 years. 

Ms. Sarah has over 25-years of experience teaching children from 18-months to 12-years old.  One of Ms. Sarah’s greatest interests is fostering inclusion in the classroom.  She was one of Hamilton's very first Support Facilitators - helping pre-school aged children with special needs, their parents, and ECEs transition these students into the school system when they had previously only attended segregated programs.  

During her time as an educator, she has had the opportunity to work within many early childhood settings from traditional daycares to cooperative preschools, Montessori schools to Waldorf-inspired programs, collecting a wealth of ideas that she applies in our daily life at the preschool.  She particularly appreciates how natural environments and materials result in calm, respectful interactions of teachers and children.   The children all know that ‘Ms. Sarah loves to go outside!’, often instigating walk-abouts in the neighbourhood or short trips on the bus in order to take adventurous nature hikes.

Working with children for so many years has taught Ms. Sarah to appreciate their individual abilities, their unique perspectives, and approaches to the world around them.  She sees herself as but a facilitator in enriching their experiences.  She has worked very closely with families and recognizes the value of family-centered education models. 

The children say it best: 

“I like Ms. Jane because she gives us so much love”
"Ms. Sarah always wants to go outside and explore!  I love her!"
“She hugs me”
"Because I love her, I want to tell her everything"
"Ms. Jane is my best friend"
"I like her because she is generous and nice and kind"
"I just like her. I love her"

Parents respond:

"Ms. Jane was excellent. She has a very calming and structured approach with the children (and the parents). You can tell she clearly cares for the children, and this comes across in how she interacts with them. We feel like she truly appreciates our child for who she is. She also understands the 'theory' of early childhood learning and how to apply it."

"Ms. Sarah brings a vibrancy to the classroom that the students can feel.  She is incredibly down-to-earth and continually finds new ways to bring the 'outside' in and share the wonders of the natural world with our students."

"I've learned so much from these two amazing teachers.  I had no idea my daughter was capable of such independence and creativity.  I have become a better parent after watching them in the classroom and listening to their helpful advice. This school does amazing things!"

"Thank you for your year long patience!!"